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Bebefit considers the most important value is the health of mother and baby

Smart Pain-Free Solution

Ergonomic Design​

Ultra Performance Fabric

Smart Pain-Free Solution

Solution 01

If you have pain on your shoulder,

Solution 02

If you have pain on your waist,

Ergonomic Design

Design 01

Bebefit is deemed "Hip-Healthy" by the IHDI(International Hip Dysplasia Institute)
Button closed for facing mom
Button opened for facing out

Design 02

Bebefit has an easy adjustable strap.
You can fasten and loosen the shoulder straps with ease.
Loosen the strap
Tighten the strap

Design 03

Padded sliding pillow provides safe support for baby’s neck ensuring the maximum comfort for newborns, and you can slide up or down the pillow for ultra-easy size adjustment.

Design 04

While carrying your baby, you can open or close the hip seat with only one simple click for effective pain control.
Opening hip seat
Closing hip seat

Ultra Performance Fabric

All our materials are developed with the latest technology and thoroughly tested to be kind and safe to your baby. Our eco-friendly fabric is ultra-light and all season available.