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Diaper Sensing

Air Quality Monitoring

Night Lighting Lamp

Real-time Alarm

Diaper Sensing

Using the multi-sensor and AI(Artificial Intelligence) algorithm, the application of the cell phone gives you an alarm when you need to change a diaper without any mistakes.

Air Quality Monitoring

Air Quality Monitoring Hub detects temperature, humidity, and harmful substances (VOCs) so that the best air quality is provided for your baby all the time.

Real-time alarm

All information from the sensor and the herb is provided through the app in real time. Up to 5 people can have access to the information and receive the alarm at the same time.

night lighting lamp

Soft glow gently soothes your baby at bed time. You can adjust the brightness with a simple touch.

Monit provides real-time information on your baby’s diaper,
reducing unnecessary time and energy spent in habitually checking your baby’s diaper.
This convenient solution can help protect your baby from diaper dashes and urinary tract infections.

Monit monitors the air surrounding your baby.
It alerts you when it detects changes in temperature, humidity, VOC gas levels that are harmful for your baby.
You can protect your baby from skin conditions like Atopic dermatitis.

By using Wi-Fi and cloud services, parents can receive real-time information. About the baby’s diaper and surrounding air quality, anytime, anywhere. Up to five caregivers can simultaneously receive and access Monit’s real-time information.