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Connecting You and Your Baby

Diaper Sensor

Air Quality Monitor

Night Light

Real-Time Updates

Diaper Sensor

The smart sensor is equipped with MONIT learning algorithms, to send notifications to your smartphone to alert you when it’s time for a diaper change. No more sniff test!

Air Quality Monitor

The Air Quality Monitoring Hub detects temperature, humidity, and harmful substances to ensure that your baby is breathing healthy air at all times.

night light

MONIT’s soft glow gently soothes your baby at bed time. Brightness is adjustable with a simple touch.

Real-time updates

The MONIT sensor syncs all information through the digital app in real- time. Up to 5 users are able to access information and receive notifications at the same time.

MONIT provides real-time information about your baby’s diaper, saving you time and energy.

MONIT also helps protect your baby from diaper rashes and urinary tract infections caused by soiled diapers.

MONIT evaluates the air in your baby’s environment.

It alerts you when it detects harmful changes in temperature, humidity, or pollutant levels, protecting your baby from danger and preventing the development of skin conditions like eczema.

Using Wi-Fi and cloud services, parents receive real-time updates about their baby’s diaper and surrounding environment anytime, anywhere. Up to five designated users can simultaneously receive notifications and access your baby’s current health information.